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July 26, 2013


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*Edit 1: Changes made are marked with the :new: sign.

Make sure you have your pieces turned in by 11:59 PM, August 19, 2013.

Hello everybody! Today announces the very first SAINW contest!

You heard, we're finally having our contest. The rules are simple:

:bulletgreen: Draw (with either digital or traditional art) or write a scene with one of the SAINW brothers (Leonardo, Raphael, or Michelangelo) with young Donatello using the theme "Abandoned". Only one brother with Donatello. Not two or three. (Spoiler: A, B, C, these are all part are our puzzle.)

:bulletblue: You must comment here first to get your submission. I have to know how many people are participating.

:bulletred: All submissions must be turned in by August 19, 2013. No exceptions.

:bulletgreen: No t-cest please, it's not allowed. We're trying to stay within the canon realm of SAINW.

Don't want to draw? Or feel like you don't have the time to?

Sign up as a voter! It's easy!

:bulletpurple: Simply comment with "Voter". You can add more if you want, but you have to have that word in there.

:bulletorange: You cannot be a voter and a contestant.

Can't do either but you want to participate somehow?

:bulletgreen: You can donate to :icontmntspikeplz: TMNTspikeplz. Any amount of points would be nice. However, if you do donate, you will featured on groups :iconthe-sainw-society: The-SAINW-Society, :icontmntfanartcomics: TMNTFanArtComics, and :icondonatellosplace: DonatellosPlace, as well my own personal profile, :iconyayproductions: YAYProductions.

I'm sure by now you want to know your prizes!

Yeah, you do :XD:

:bulletblue: First place receives 50 :points:, a custom stamp, and a custom wallpaper, full colored, OR a 1,000 word TMNT fanfiction :new: (with bonus prize!)

:bulletred: Second place receives 30 :points:, a custom stamp, and a custom wallpaper,  simple character request (fully shaded, simple or transparent background), OR a 700 word TMNT fanfiction :new: (with bonus prize!)

:bulletpurple: Third place receives 20 :points:, a custom stamp, and a custom wallpaper, colored sketch, OR a 500 word TMNT fanfiction :new: (with bonus prize!)

:bulletorange: *If you want to give something towards the winners, please comment. You will also be featured on all the previous mentioned clubs, as well as my profile.

Thanks for reading!

And please comment about participating! If you have something else in mind that you would like to give to the project, please either comment here,  note the group, or myself. Thank you!


Contestants (Minimum filled, maximum unlimited)

1) dogmonster101
Untitled Drawing by dogmonster101

2) LordSameth
The Final Echo: SAINWThe Final Echo: SAINW
It was easy to see why Leonardo would have chosen this spot for a meeting. From where Donatello stood on the rubble, there was the feeling of silence, although he could hear foolish propaganda echoing from one side of the river, the silence on the other, abandoned side was more than enough to eat the white noise away.
A light breeze lifted the violet mask tails from his shoulders, causing the turtle to instinctively face the wind. He could recall a day when the fresh winds over the river brought the briny scent of the ocean, but now it only brought a smell of oil and decay from the polluted waters. Even the river far below, which had been so full of roaring life was only a deep murky swirl of pollution.
Donnie was feeling more than a little exposed on the ruins of the tall bridge. He had been told it had been a structure built soon after the Foot took control of the city, connecting the residential slums with the labor camps. The structure has been a symbol

3) NinjaTurtleGirl

4) ocarinaoftimewoman
SAINW Surprises Contest entry by ocarinaoftimewoman

5) kyouhuynh

6) Elileo-
Abandoned by Elileo

7) BlueRoseKelly-
Sainw entry by BlueRoseKelly

8) Kunoichi98
Tarnished    The wind blew through the trees, whispering against the bare branches and what few leaves that remained. It carried the sounds of the city behind it, the hopeless desperation that engulfed the entire world. The foul air burned against my throat as I breathed in, taking deliberately slow breaths as I focused to remain emotionless. I balled my hands into fists, seeking to draw out some semblance of the pain that coursed through my skull.
    Goose bumps crawled up and down my limbs, coursing over my body as it shuddered beneath the harsh November winds. It tore at my jacket, attempting to pry it from my shoulders and set it loose to the world. The rough fabric bit at my skin, tugging and pulling before the winds died down to the peaceful state they'd been in momentarily.
    Pain, white and hot, lanced across my eyes. It danced before my vision, blocking out what little eyesight I had left, throbbing swiftly and steadily, overtaking my mind. The shadowy

9) ernieselephants
Same as it never was.Donny couldn’t help but revisit that horrible world he once stumbled upon in his dreams. A world of pain and suffering for all humanity, a world where his brothers were hardly brothers anymore. One night took him outside a little shack in the slums of the city. It seemed to be built around a hole in the side of a building, like the home was there to patch it up. Donatello stood there under the burnt sky and stared up at the buildings to see what he saw in every nightmare-the foot clan symbols on every building. Their bright red paint stood out against the sad gray of the city, like big terrible reminders of the world he was in.
Don stood there for a moment, taking in his dream. The vividness of the nightmares shocked him every time. He pulled his thoughts together and told himself he’d wake up at any moment, besides he’d learned his dream world quite well, he knew where he was. Pushing past the dirty door, half constructed of wood and half constructed of an old moth b

10) agi-nekonin-
Abandoned by agi-nekonin

11) 1234LERT7Nan2
What has happened to you my fearless brother... by 1234LERT7Nan2

12) Cherrywind101
Abandoned! by Cherrywind101

13) Ren-Rin
CE: Abandonment by Ren-Rin

Donny...i..i...(sainw contest) by SARARAIN0

15) klankey
Abandonment by klankey

16) emietoni
Colored Sainw Contest by emietoni

17) Woodpeckery
...GONE?... (sainw contest) by Woodpeckery

18) licra-
SAINW entry by licra

19) mal1cious
Abandoned by mal1cious

20) loveless-sempai
SAINW:Cold world by loveless-sempai

21) JayJayRey
SAINW Contest - Abandoned by JayJayRey

22) Ila-Mae
We'll Find Them_Contest Entry by Ila-Mae

Voters (No more voters needed)
1) Lyra-The-Turtle
2) Culinary-Alchemist
3) ToughSunshine32
4) daagy123
5) mormonbookworm
6) Brenna-Girl
7) YAYProductions
8) xRaphxIsxOnxFirex
9) Sonadowfire
10) ninalanfer
11) Sleepingseeker
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